Minutes 8 March 2010




Held at 32 Highfield Way on Monday 8th March at 7.30 p.m.




1.         Present: Nancy Langmaid, Reg Schooling, Margaret Foster, Mandy Marlor, Sally Nutt, Alan Hawkins, Mike Stanbrook, Geoff Bryant, Joan Banbury.

            Apologies: Terry Foster, Barbara French.

            NL welcomed the new members to the Committee and reported that Terry Foster was withdrawing because of other commitments, and Barbara French because she is away so frequently.


2.         The Minutes of the last meeting and of the 2009 AGM were accepted as a true record.


3.         Annual General Meeting to be held on 25th March 2010.

            The draft Agenda for the AGM was considered and reports will be ready in time. There are 61 paid up members for 2010. This has produced sufficient income to cover the costs of speakers and hall hire with a small surplus. However, if speakers' fees increased and/or the hall hire fees went up, then the small surplus would quickly vanish, and we should, therefore, have an eye open for fund raising opportunities

            Now that Terry Foster and Barbara French have withdrawn from the Committee, we have the correct number of members, according to the Constitution, and we are unlikely to get more nominations at this stage.


4.         Any Other Business:

4.1       It was agreed that we should try to arrange a visit to Tyntesfield by coach for early September. NL to enquire.

4.2       The Christmas event on 2nd December will be a Victorian evening including a re-enactment of The Lady of Shallott (on film). NL will find a musical item to accompany it. Members will be asked to contribute food for the event, the first request will be made at the October meeting.

4.3       It was agreed that a flyer for SHS will be produced and distributed to local ‘pick-up’ points, such as information offices and libraries, to encourage more people to join.

4.4       SHS will have some publicity at the Festival Market Day as part of the History exhibition, and again at a Wessex Fun Day to be arranged on 7th August by the County and District Councils. (We will need to borrow a gazebo etc.)

4.5       It was agreed that Visitors to the meetings will be asked to contribute £1.50 to encourage them to take advantage of the reduced rate of joining for £10 a year.

4.6       Myrna Hawkins had asked that we should no longer charge for tea and coffee at meetings and this was agreed. She will claim the costs from the Treasurer.

4.7       Mandy M will make sure our web site entries are up-to-date.

4.8       Joan B commented on how welcoming SHS had been when she joined. All members are encouraged to continue their successful welcoming techniques.


5.         Liability Insurance: Langport History Society had asked how we arranged our insurance. The guidance suggests that we do not need insurance for meetings in halls such as the Parish Rooms: NL to check with Rodger Calderwood. However, it might be wise to get insured for expeditions: NL to ask Chris Cox about his insurance for the Red Cross theatre trips. One sample firm quoted £45 a year for insuring a Society like ours.


6.         Next Meeting is the AGM on 25th March. A date for a further Committee meeting was not discussed.




Nancy Langmaid,  email:  nancy.langmaid1@btinternet.com;  tel: 01458 273859