AGM 26 March 2009
                        SOMERTON HISTORY SOCIETY    Minutes of the first Annual General Meeting of the Somerton History Society held on Thursday 26th March 2009 in the URC Hall at 7.00 p.m. PRESENT : Nancy Langmaid (Chairman), Reg Schooling (Treasurer), Margaret Lawrence (Secretary), and twenty-two members of the Society. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE : Apologies were received from Pamela Short, Margaret Tiffin, Geoff Bryant, Margaret Warland, Sue & Graham Deane and Michael & Georgina Jackson. 1.  Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting held on the 2nd October 2008 which had been previously circulated were taken as read and approved. 2.  Draft Constitution : This was circulated at the meeting, Myrna Hawkins proposed that it be accepted and this was unanimously agreed. 3.  Election of Committee Members : According to the constitution the Committee will comprise of  the Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and up to six members, at the moment we have a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and seven members, it was proposed by Janet Hayter and seconded by David Harris that the Committee stands as it is for the present, this proposal was unanimously accepted. 4.  Financial Statement : The Financial Statement for the period from the formation of the Society on the 23rd October 2008 to date was read out by Reg Schooling. 5.  Secretary’s Statement : This was read out by Margaret Lawrence. 6.  Programme for 2009 : Nancy outlined the plans for speakers for the rest of 2009, she has written to fourteen people and to date has had replies from three who are interested in coming to speak to us.  Programmes will be sent out when more dates are filled in.  No date for our trip to Salisbury was arranged but it was agreed that a Saturday in August would be a popular choice. Nancy proposed that for our November meeting we should have a Medieval Party with appropriate food and drink, arrangements for this will be made at a later date. 7.  Any Other Business : The subject of transport for local trips was raised, Nancy said that she will try and arrange car sharing for these trips, for trips further afield a bus would probably have to be hired at extra cost. Nancy announced three deaths, Simon of Simon’s Books who was always so helpful in finding interesting books, Alex Deacon a founder member of this society who died very suddenly and unexpectedly and Margaret Conway another founder member who was taken ill at home and died in Yeovil Hospital, Nancy has sent our condolences to Bobby Deacon  and Colin Conway. Myrna and her team who make tea and coffee before the meeting, set out the chairs and clear up afterwards were thanked. The business part of the meeting finished at 7.55 p.m. and we all had a browse through the display of Favourite History Books that members had brought to the meeting.  The books showed a wide range of interests from the history of trains and planes through to a Victorian Diary.