Report 2 November 2009

Dear Committee Members,


As it was not possible to have a Committee meeting on 8th October as planned and the next few weeks look very uncertain,  please can we make some arrangements by email-conference to get us through to the end of the year.


1.         Margaret Lawrence has resigned as Secretary because she is moving away from Somerton. We need a new Secretary to take Minutes at Committee meetings – rare events, as you know. Please volunteer to become Secretary if you can.


2.         Collection of subscriptions for 2010 needs to start at the meeting on 26th November. £10 a year for full members, £5 for an Associate Member at the same address. Is anyone willing to help Margaret Foster, Membership Secretary, with this.


3.         I am getting an estimate for producing a programme/membership card for 2010, and hope you will support that. I will email with the estimate as soon as I get one.


4.         The URC Hall was full to capacity for the October meeting, the November meeting is already oversubscribed, so I think we have outgrown the hall. I have asked about using the Parish Rooms instead. It is available on all the dates when we need it and the cost, at the new hire rates, is £25. Please may I go ahead and book the Parish Rooms for the 2010 meetings, before it gets booked by another organisation?


5.         Thank you to Myrna Hawkins, Margaret Warland and their team for working very hard to get the Christmas Treats arranged for us.