Minutes 19 Mar 09

                        SOMERTON HISTORY SOCIETY    

Minutes of the pre AGM Committee meeting of the Somerton History Society held on Thursday 19th March 2009 at 32 Highfield Way, Somerton at 7.30 p.m. 

PRESENT : Nancy Langmaid (Chairman), Margaret Foster, Terry Foster, Alan Hawkins, Margaret Lawrence, Mandy Marlor, Sally Nutt, Reg Schooling and Mike Stanbrook. 

1.   Apologies for Absence : Apologies were received from Barbara French. 

2.  Minutes of the last meeting : The minutes of the meeting held on 30 October 2008 had been circulated with the agenda and were taken as read with one alteration, the substitution of Mandy Marlor’s name instead of Sally Nutt’s under ‘PRESENT’, the minutes were then signed as correct. 

3.  Matters Arising 

3.1  Bank Account – Reg Schooling (Treasurer) outlined the problems that he had trying to open a bank account with National Westminster, however he finally managed to open an account with Lloyds.  

3.2  Web Site – Nancy  said that we have been granted permission from the Marmaduke Cradock Trust to create a section within the Somerton Museum web site for a fee of £20, Mandy Marlor has  been putting copies of the minutes and future events on the site.  She asked if she could have her own log-in and this will be arranged. 

3.3  Programme so far – Everyone agreed that to date the programme had been excellent and all meetings very well attended.  Nancy outlined future plans including an idea for a Medieval meeting in November, we thought this a good idea though we might need a licence for serving Mead, Nancy will arrange this if necessary.  An outing to Tyntesfield during the summer was proposed. 

4.  Preparation for the AGM on Thursday 26th March 2009. 

4.1  Constitution – It was felt that the constitution should be amended slightly in the following areas:- (a)  The subscription should be amended to read ‘The annual subscription is £10.00 for full members. Associate membership is available to a second member living at the same address for £5’.(b)  We will ask for a contribution from non-members who attend meetings(c)  The Committee will consist of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary with six members plus co-opted members when we need extra expertise.  

4.2  Election of Committee (a)  A list of Committee members will be circulated at the next meeting on 26 March 2009 to give members a chance to call an election if they wish.(b)  Margaret Foster agreed to be Membership Secretary, Margaret Lawrence will help if necessary. 

4.3  Financial Statement – Reg Schooling read out the statement of accounts (copy attached). 

4.4  Secretary’s Statement – Margaret Lawrence read out her statement (copy attached) which covered the months from the first meeting to date. 

4.5  Programme for 2009 – Nancy handed out programmes and we discussed the possibility of having them printed, Mandy Marlor suggested a credit card sized piece of paper which would be laminated and have three or four months of programmes on one side with contact names on the other.  Sally Nutt offered to do a trial run to see how this would work out. 

4.6  We were reminded that there wouldn’t be a speaker at the AGM instead we are all invited to take our favourite history books for everyone to look at, there will also be a computer and screen available if anyone wants to put something on a memory stick and show it that way. 

5.  Affiliation with Somerset Archaeology & History Society – it was agreed that this could be a good idea for us, Nancy will look into it further and report back to a future meeting. 

6.  Correspondence     

 Letter from Langport History Society – Langport have invited us to take part in two trips with them, the first to Brympton d’Evercy on 18th April the second to Bath and the American Museum on 12 May.  Details have previously been circulated to members and there will be copies on display at our meeting on 26th March.      History Booklet - Langport sent us a copy of their history booklet which they publish two or three times a year it was felt that something similar might be a goal to aim for when we are more firmly established. 

7.   Any other Business Lytes Cary Manor has the opportunity to borrow some Geophysics machines to survey the hidden village that lies in their grounds, we are keen to get involved when this takes place and have asked to be kept informed of dates. Until now we have served tea and coffee from 7.00 p.m so that members can have a chance to chat and relax before the meeting starts at 7.30, it was felt that this worked well and there was no need to change it.  Myrna Hawkins works hard in the kitchen making the drinks and clearing up afterwards and the committee asked Alan to pass on our grateful thanks to her. 

8.  Date of next meeting – This will be arranged when necessary.  We thanked Nancy for her hospitality and the meeting closed at 8.50 p.m         

Signed……………………….. Chairman                                            Date……………..Somerton History Society – Account September 2008 – March 2009. 

The bank account was opened on 30th January 2009.

DateIncome  Expenditure  Paid into bank Bank total
30/01/09subscriptions£55.00 Hire of Hallnyp   
 Total£365.70    £365.70£365.70
26/02/09subscriptions£40.00 Hire of hallnyp   
 Refreshments£9.26 Folder£6.35   
 Total£103.46 Total£6.35 £97.11£462.80
18/03/09   Speaker£30.00  £432.80

Total Income to date:              £469.16

Total Expenditure to date       £36.35


26.3.09:  Outstanding accounts [nyp]

Room Hire

            January            £20

            February          £12

            March:             £12

                        Total outstanding        £44.


* From Local History group’s account, which had hosted Somerton History Society while the SHS account at Lloyds was being set up.

That account had received a total of £420.70 in subscriptions and donations, and had paid £90 in expenses between September 2008 and January 2009. See details below.



Account September 2008 – 30 January 2009. During this period the money was handled through N Langmaid’s Local History account. Receipts to NL’s account:5.12.2008                    Subscriptions plus                                £315.2030.12.2008                  Subscriptions plus                                £72.5029.1.2009                    Subscriptions plus                                £40.00                        Total:                                                   £420.70.Expenses:12.11.2008                  Somerton Computing                           £20.0018.12.2008                  URC Hall hire                                      £20.0022.1.2009                    Mrs Gulliford’s fee                              £50.00                        Total:                                                   £90.00 Therefore NL owes SHS:                                    £420.70   -   £90.00   =    £310.70

Secretary’s Statement 19th March 2009

The first meeting of the Somerton History Society was held in the URC Hall on 25th September, at that time no-one really knew what to expect or how many people would turn up, however the idea of a History Society for Somerton proved to be very popular with enough interest to encourage Nancy to take her idea forward.

Since then we have formed a committee which meets when necessary and a varied programme of events has taken shape.  We were invited to join the members of Langport History Society for a talk entitled ‘The Man Who Burnt Langport’, this was given by one of our members, Paul Heim, and was very entertaining and informative, we are now looking forward to Paul’s ‘Touch of Charisma’ on 23rd April.

Our own talks have been very well attended; Reg Schooling started us off with a discussion about Lend-Lease: American aid to Britain in World War II where some surprising facts came to light.  In November we had a documentary and discussion about Oliver Cromwell.  Our next meeting was in January where we enjoyed the excellent facilities of St. Cleers Chapel, the talk was on The History of Theatre by Bunty Gulliford a series of readings and excerpts which had us all enthralled.

About ninety people (both members and visitors) turned up in February to enjoy Brian Tiffin’s films of old Somerton, there were lots of cries of ‘I remember that’ as almost forgotten events and people from years ago passed across the screen. 

We have a lot to look forward to in the coming months including two invitations from Langport History Society to join them in an evening at Brympton d’Evercy and a trip to Bath which can either be spent shopping or in the American Museum and our own proposed trip to Salisbury Cathedral.