Recent Expansion

From about 1960, Somerton expanded rapidly. The old core of the town became a Conservation Area (the first one in Somerset), and houses were built in fields around it. Because of the mill stream south of Pesters Lane, it was not possible to expand southwards, but all the land on the flat hilltop between Pesters Lane and the Cary valley soon filled up with houses. The tennis club moved from its central position to a new Sports Field at Gassons Lane on the west side of the town to make room for King Ina Road, and other spaces were used.

The increasing use of motor cars caused parking problems in the town centre, and in 1985 a new shopping area was opened in the old brewery buildings with car parking in Cox's Yard, and this is now the business centre of the town, with the Library, Surgery, Chemist and supermarket around it.

A trading estate has been opened at Bancombe Road, providing light industries and employment in the town, but expansion of the residential areas has ceased except for infill, and there are at present no plans for further expansion.

A new Infants School was built at Etsome Terrace in 1965 and Monteclefe School was expanded so that it could take boys and girls from age 7 to 11. Then they progress to the comprehensive school at Huish Episcopi near Langport.