West End

West End is the area in the triangle formed by the Langport Road and the Sutton Road, with Gassons Lane at the west side. It is a tangle of lanes which, to the eye of a prehistorian, looks Celtic in origin. It contains a variety of houses of different dates and status, ranging from the 15th century thatched Ballacree and Home Farm opposite it, to the elegant early Victorian Camden House and Lomans, and to the sensible terrace Camden Road built in 1907. Most of the orchards and paddocks which once belonged to the farmhouses have been infilled with modern housing in recent years.

Many of the older houses belonged to small farmers who tilled strips in the open fields to the south and west of the town, and we are able to trace these holdings through the detailed information in the Tithe Award of 1841 - 43.

Information about houses in this area will be added as it becomes available. If you have documents relating to any of these properties, please allow us to use them for a short period to find out the history of your house.