Monteclefe School was founded in 1851 by ladies of the Pinney family. It was built in the garden of Monteclefe, a large house in Kirkham Street. They extended it in 1888, and in 1894 it had places for 226 pupils, although only about 124 attended regularly.

It was originally for infants of both sexes and older girls, but once the infants school in West End was opened, Monteclefe took older girls only. After 1940, children over 11 went to the Secondary Modern at Huish Episcopi or to the Grammar School at Elmshurst in Street. In 1965, the boys from the Free School in Broad Street joined Monteclefe, which became a Junior Mixed school for the town.

The original school had one large room with accommodation for the teacher. Since then it has grown and new classrooms have been added. The Fair Field on the other side of Kirkham Street is now the playing field for the school.