1880s Council Minutes



In this decade, the officials continued to be elected - waywardens, lighting inspectors, rhine inspectors, Overseers of the Poor, members of the Burial Board and representatives on the Langport Union, the Sanitary Board and the Highways Board. However, the Parish no longer elected Constables, because there was now an official police station with paid officers. The Vestry examined accounts for all the officials and for the charities and the Infants School. This school was supported by a voluntary rate of 2d in the £, but this proved insufficient and in 1890 a School Board was established to run the school. Mention is made of a Fire Engine, but not of where it was kept.

Rates were collected separately for all the services, but towards the end of the decade a Valuation was made for setting up a County Rate.

Mention is made of improving the water supply and work was done to improve the sewage works which were beside the gas works near Cary Bridge. The Divided Parishes Act tidied up parish boundaries and there were disagreements about who should pay rates to which parish as a result. Somerton demanded that the Press be allowed to attend meetings of the Langport Union’s Board of Guardians, which had taken responsibility for much of the work later done by District Councils.

Money was raised for the restoration of the parish church. The Tithe Map and other old documents were provided with a chest and were deposited with the police for safe-keeping.

Vestry meetings were moved from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.