1890s Council Minutes



The Minutes continue in the same way until June 1891. Then there is a gap until January 1895, when the new Parish Council took over from the Vestry. There were two scandals over Clerks (1895 and 1896) who were involved in financial irregularities, and in 1896 Jesse Hunt was appointed. He remained in office until after World War II.

The new Council was very busy, seeing through improved sewage works, an entirely new water supply from Lytes Cary, improvements to the footpaths and other facilities in the town, forming a fire brigade, taking charge of the Market Place and providing a weighbridge, starting the work needed for the building of the Parish Rooms and negotiating with the GWR about the proposed railway. The town’s charities had to be separated from the church ones and then administered. The Burial Board was discontinued and the work undertaken by the Parish Council.

The Minutes are usually very detailed, but need to be read in conjunction with those of the Parish Sanitary Committee, which will eventually be posted on this web museum. The Minutes of the annual Parish Meetings were kept separately and will be posted here: they contain the names of many of the inhabitants who stood for election to various offices, as well as the names of the recipients of local charity benefits.