1900s Council Minutes



The Parish Council continued its work on footpaths and road improvements, street lighting, the market and administering the local charities and the cemetery. The most exciting event in this period was the completion of the railway which opened in July 1906. The Half Moon Hotel was rebuilt in its present position and it took several years to finalise the new footpath network.  From August 1903 Council meetings took place in the Parish Rooms, instead of the old Vestry Room in Broad Street.

A bus service to Wells was arranged with the GWR. Three new letter boxes were installed. The Council was asked to provide Managers for the school boards, and in 1910 the first County scholarships were awarded for children to attend grammar schools in Street and Taunton.

Change was in the air, as in 1910 the War Office carried out manoeuvres in the parish.

The Minutes of the Parish Sanitary Committee continue in a separate file and cover water supply, sewerage and some road repairs. The annual Parish Meetings were minuted separately and include the detailed charity accounts.