Transcribed by Nancy Langmaid, 2007 

.The Census was made in several small notebooks, printed for the purpose, by three enumerators. The information given includes the name of the place, the names of all who slept in the house on Census night, their age (approximate in some cases, I think) and sex and profession or trade. Those born in Somerset are noted, and there is a column for other place of birth - Scotland, Ireland or Foreign Parts. 1st enumerator  No: 1-173;  2nd enumerator  No 174-342; 3rd enumerator  No: 343-426.  The third enumerator’s spelling is idiosyncratic.The entries are not numbered, but I have given numbers to households (not individuals) to assist in searching.NB: the Tithe Apportionment was made in the same year so it should be possible to identify the house in which each family lived. The transcription of the Tithe Award is “Tithe Apportionment 1843” (the map was not completed until that date).Nancy Langmaid, May 2007.